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M.B.A. Program Options

Our students lead busy lives. Many are working professionals. Some of them are raising families.

With the program options at Wayne State, they're able to fit their M.B.A. journey in too.

While every M.B.A. student must complete the degree requirements, we offer a couple different options to do so.

Get your M.B.A. on your terms.

Traditional M.B.A.

The Traditional M.B.A. is our most conventional option, with courses offered on multiple campuses and online.

Evening and occasional Saturday courses offer flexibility and convenience. 

Many courses in the Traditional M.B.A. program are offered both on campus and online, so students have options and can choose the learning method that works best for them.

Many faculty members teach both on-site and online sections of a course, so students can participate virtually or in-person.

Online courses are completed through the Blackboard system. Course content is the same as the on-site course, with lecture material from the on-site course taped and converted to video streaming for the online version.

A variety of online courses, including foundation, core and electives, are offered each semester. Some students in the Traditional M.B.A. program choose to complete the entire program online.

Some online course sections of are available only to Traditional M.B.A. students while other online sections are offered only to Online M.B..A students. Students in the Traditional M.B.A. who enroll in online sections of any M.B.A. course may, at the discretion of the instructor, be required to attend an in-class session for the final examination in the course.

With all the campus and course options available, you're never far from a great Wayne State business education.

Online M.B.A. Option

Our Online M.B.A. option not only keeps pace with students' desires for a quality education, but their need for convenience as well. A complete program of courses is offered asynchronously and virtually so that students can complete the program from anywhere in the world. Courses are completed through the Blackboard system, offering students the greatest amount of flexibility.

The Online M.B.A. consists of a set of courses reserved only for students admitted to the Online M.B.A. so that students will be able to complete the program as a cohort. Course requirements are the same for the Online M.B.A. and the Traditional M.B.A., however, the Online M.B.A. may offer a limited selection of elective courses and the concentration option is not available.

Joint J.D./M.B.A. Program

Our joint J.D./M.B.A. program is for students seeking both legal and business educations. The streamlined program operates with the WSU Law School to deliver a comprehensive educational base. 

See the Joint J.D./M.B.A. Program page for details.