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Finance Four-Year Completion Plan

The following is an example only.  Please contact an advisor to develop your personal degree completion plan.


English and math placement exams should be completed prior to first semester.

*Students may place below ENG 1020 and above or below MAT 1500, depending on placement results. Please call 313-577-3400 or click here to schedule the placement exam.

All students are required to have a minimum 2.50 grade point average and 54 semester hours completed to enroll in 3000 level or higher business school core and major courses.

First Semester (15 credits) Second Semester (15 credits)
Freshman Year
BA 1010 (CT):
Critical Thinking for Consumer Decisions  (3cr)      
- Fulfills Critical Thinking requirement
ECO 2020 (SS):
Principles of Macroeconomics (3-4cr)
- min 2.0/C grade
BA 2020:
Introduction to Business (3cr)                                                 

* ENG 1020 (BC):
Introduction to College Writing (3cr)
- min 2.0/C grade
- Fulfills Basic Composition Competency requirement
- Pre-req: English placement, ACT score or ENG 1010

COM 1010 :
Oral Communication (3cr)

- Fulfills Oral Communication Competency requirement 

* MAT 1500:
College Algebra for the Social & Management Sciences (3cr)
- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: Math Placement, ACT score or MAT 0995/ 1050

ECO 2010 (SS):
Principles of Microeconomics (3-4cr)                       
- min 2.0/C grade
- Fulfills Social Sciences Requirement
MGT 2530:
Management of Organizational Behavior (3cr)
- Pre-req: PSY 1010 or 1020
PSY 1010 or 1020 (LS):
Introduction to Psychology (3-4cr)
-Fulfills Life Science Requirement
PHI 1120 (PL):
Professional Ethics (3cr)
- Fulfills Philosophy and Letters requirement

Spring / Summer Semester: Catch up on missed classes

Third Semester (15 credits) Fourth Semester (15 credits)
Sophomore Year
ACC 3010:
Introduction to Financial Accounting (3cr)
- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: MAT 1500 or 1800

ACC 3020:
Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3cr)
- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: MAT 1500 or 1800, ACC 3010, ECO 2010

BA 2300:
Quantitative Methods I: Probability & Statistics (3cr)

- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: MAT 1500 or 1800

COM 3300  (WI):
Business & Professional Presentations (3cr)

- Fulfills Writing Intensive Competency
- Pre-req: COM 1010, ENG 3010

ENG 3010 (IC):
Intermediate Writing (3cr)

- min 2.0/C grade
- Fulfills Intermediate Composition Competency requirement
- Pre-req: ENG 1020
FIN 3290:
Business Finance (3cr)
- Pre-req: MAT 1500, ECO 2010, BA 2300, ACC 3010
And select ONE of the following courses:
- Each fulfills Historical Studies requirement
HIS 1400 (HS):
The World Since 1945 (3cr)
HIS 1995 (HS):
Society & Economic Transition (3cr)
GSC 3600: 
Operations and Supply Chain Management (3cr)
And select ONE of the following courses:
- Each fulfills Visual and Performing Arts requirement
ENG 2450 (VP):
Introduction to Film (4cr)
DNC 2000 (VP):
Introduction to World Dance (4cr)
MUH 1340 (VP):
Mucic Appreciation: World Music (3cr) 

MKT 2300:
Marketing Management (3cr)

- Pre-req: ECO 2010

Spring / Summer Semester: Catch up on missed classes

Fifth Semester (15 credits) Sixth Semester (16 credits)
Junior Year

ACC 5000:
Financial Accounting for Managers (3cr)             
- Pre-req: ACC 3010 & 3020

FIN 5215:
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (3cr)
- Pre-req: FIN 3290, BA 3400

BA 3400:
Quantitative Methods II: Statistical Methods (3cr)            
- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: BA 2300
Elective (3cr)
BLW 2510:
Business Law (3cr)
- Pre-req: BA 2020
Elective (3cr)

ISM 3630:
Business Information Systems (3cr)
- Pre-req: MAT 1500 or 1800

And select ONE of the following courses:
- Each fulfills American Society and Institutions requirement

PS 1010 (AI):
American Government (3-4cr)
PS 1030 (AI):
The American Governmental System (3cr)
HIS 1050 (AI):
American Civilizations Since WWII (3cr)
FIN Major Elective (see Plan of Work) (3cr)                       
- Pre-req: FIN 3290 and/or FIN 5215

Internship in your Major (3cr)
- Pre-req: Junior status, 3.0 GPA,
all business core completed except MGT 6890
And select ONE of the following courses:
- Each fulfills Physical Science requirement
** Must be taken with lab if PSY 1020 taken for Life Science

AST 2010 & 2011 (PS):
Descriptive Anatomy (4cr)
CHM 1000 (PS):
Chemistry and Your World (4cr)
PHY 1020 (PS):
Conceptual Physics: The Basic Science (4cr)
GEL 1010 (PS):
Geology: The Science of the Earth (4cr)

Spring / Summer Semester: Catch up on missed classes

Seventh Semester (16 credits) Eighth Semester (15 credits)
Senior Year
ANT 3150 (FC):
Anthropology of  Business (3cr)                               
- Fulfills Foreign Culture requirement                       

FIN 6996:
Corporate Financial Strategies (3cr)
- Pre-req: FIN 5215, ACC 5000, FIN 5270

FIN 5270:
Advanced Business Finance (3cr)                        
- min 2.0/C grade
- Pre-req: FIN 3290

MGT 6890:
Strategic Management & Business Policy (3cr)
- Pre-req: All core requirement s completed and one of the last five courses towards bachelor's degree

FIN Major Elective:
See Plan of Work (3cr)
- Pre-req: FIN 3290 and/or FIN 5215                                                       
Elective (3cr)
Elective (4cr) Elective (3cr)
Elective (3cr) Elective (3cr)

Minimum 122 semester hours required for degree