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Excellence in Teaching and Research Award Recipients

Each year the School of Business Administration recognizes faculty members for exemplary dedication to student advancement and business research.

Below are the current recipients along with a bit about their excellent work.

Ranjan D’Mello, Associate Professor of Finance

2013 Teaching Winner

Ranjan D’Mello was awarded with the Excellence in Teaching Award for his efforts in the online teaching environment. He was one of the first faculty members to combine lectures using interactive PowerPoint presentations with voiceover. He is often a student’s introduction to the finance component of their academic program.

He has served as either dissertation committee chair or member for three doctoral students.  D’Mello previously won this award in 2006. He has taught at the university since 2001.



Mai Iskandar-Datta, Professor of Finance and Dean’s Research Chair

2013 Research Winner

Mai Iskandar-Datta was recognized as a 2013 co-recipient of the Excellence in Research Award for her internationally ranked publications that reach a global audience. In May, she and Professors Sudip Datta and Abhijit Guha were published in the Harvard Business Review for research into wage gaps considering women in the C-suite.

Additionally, she’s received outstanding paper awards from professional and academic finance associations and journals. She has seven papers under review and five working papers close to submission.

In the classroom, she coordinated the finance Ph.D. program and served on a number of dissertation committees. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate students. Iskandar-Datta has taught at the School of Business Administration since 2004.


Scott Julian, Associate Professor of Management

2013 Research Winner

Scott Julian was recognized as a 2013 co-recipient of the Excellence in Research Award for his internationally recognized research on strategic issue diagnosis and strategic management in emerging economy contexts.          

His 17 co-authored peer-reviewed publications are used in Ph.D. seminars to help students understand how and why managers act on threats and opportunities.