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Summer Research Grant Winners

The School of Business Administration supports faculty scholarship targeting premier academic publications. Each summer we award grants to faculty who are significantly close to published research in such publications.

Below are the 2011 winners and what research they're pursuing.

Dr. Sujay Dutta, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Dutta is targeting the "Journal of Retailing" with his manuscript "Vulnerability to Low Price Signals: An Experimental Study of Effectiveness of Genuine and False Signals."

Dr. Jia Hao, Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Hao is targeting the "Journal of Financial Markets" with her manuscript "Short Sales and the Weekend Effect - Evidence from Hong Kong."

Dr. Mai Iskandar-Datta, Professor of Finance

For her manuscript "Does Idiosyncratic Risk Influence Earnings Management," Dr. Iskandar-Datta is targeting the "Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance."

Dr. Cheol Lee, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dr. Lee is targeting "The Accounting Review" with his manuscript "The Effects of Adjusting the Residual Income Model for Industry and Firm-Specific Factors When Predicting Future Abnormal Returns."

Dr. Jaegul Lee, Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Lee is targeting "Organization Science" with his manuscript "Technological Change and the Locus of Innovation in the Digital Era: A Dual-Hierarchy View of Complex Product Architectures."

Dr. Santanu Mitra, Associate Professor of Finance

For his manuscript "Voluntary Disclosure of Reasons for Auditor Changes and Capital Market Reaction to Information Disclosure," Dr. Mitra is targeting the "Journal of Accounting & Public Policy."

Dr. Mbodja Mougoué, Associate Professor of Finance

Dr. Mougoué is targeting the "Journal of Banking & Finance" with his manuscript "Can Trading Volume Help Explain Exchange Rate Volatility?  Competing Hypotheses and Evidence from Currency Futures Markets."

Dr. Toni Somers, Professor of Information Systems Management

For her manuscript "Impact of Training Experiences on User Satisfaction with Enterprise Systems: The Role of Individual and Situational Differences," Dr. Somers is targeting the "Journal of the Association for Information Systems."